Redefining medical device innovation.


Redefining medical device innovation.

Imagine establishing medical device safety & efficacy before human testing.


Innovation, performance & evidence with more certainty and speed than ever before.



In Silico Trials


A new paradigm is emerging to redefine medical device innovation.
In silico trials use computational models and simulation to assess device safety and performance in virtual patients (digital representations of anatomy and physiology).

  • Fail fast, fail early: identify poor designs early; reduce spend; avoid patient harm.
  • Get to market faster: accelerate R&D; progress to trial & launch sooner.
  • Optimise clinical trials: expose designs early to diverse patient populations; reduce costly clinical failures.

Virtual Patient Populations

adsilico's generative AI technology can create customisable virtual models of human anatomy, physiology, and pathology, offering: 

  • High fidelity, simulation ready: faithfully replicate complex anatomical structures, physiological processes, and diverse pathological conditions for use in simulations.
  • Unprecedented diversity: utilise virtual models encompassing under-represented, hard-to-reach, and ethically challenging patient populations.
  • Scalable and bespoke: generate populations of virtual patients from dozens to thousands, tailored to your specific research needs.


Virtual Twin with a Brain Aneurysm: Internal Carotid Artery

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